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September 30, 2010

Do you know how to make your recorded talk, that you will broadcast on Youtube, easy to understand? I have seen a nice way to do it at the Webstock mini (Wellington, NZ). Daniel Button presented his TED talk (Yes, he came to show us a recorded talk…) but, instead of seeing him giving his talk with his slides, it was animated. It was much easier and funnier to listen to his topic – Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution.

Since his talk is not already available online, here is another one using the same technique, I love the value added of the animation!

It is just a beauty to see a talk like that one animated, it enhances the experience and help to better understand.

It was funny, after Mr Button’s animated talk was finished, he asked what we thought about it and there were several comments/questions but mainly related to his topic. At some point, one guy was arguing that the animation was too childish. At that moment, somebody else simply asked the audience: “was it easier to understand and more interesting?” and most of us replied with a loud YES!

What do you think?

Want more animated talks?

3 Responses to “Webstock Mini – Animated Talks”

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  2. Entertaining, but I started getting annoyed by the speedy drawing after 5 minutes, perhaps I’m too old. Would be interesting to research if recall of information is improved.

  3. Good point, I haven’t done a more extensive research about recall, but it would be interesting to know more about it.

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