Video of IDEO and the Shopping Cart

May 12, 2011

A really nice video showing the design company IDEO re inventing the shopping cart (the real one you use, or not, in supermarket) while using several different techniques such as interviews, contextual observations, prototyping, etc. It’s worthwhile to watch it. Thanks to Harry Brignull for sharing this video. I left NZ a month or so [...]


5 Usability Techniques Learned at Webstock

February 28, 2011

For New Zealand techies, February means Webstock, a good conference. Like last year’s conference, it was very insightful with speakers as diverse as Scott McCloud (Cartoonist and author of Understanding Comics), Marco Arment (co-founder of Tumblr), and Amanda Palmer (artist, singer). But today, I’ll tell you what I learned from Christine Perfetti’s talk. She is [...]