Why consider hiring a usability engineer? because:

He maximizes the profitability of the product by improving the product’s efficiency, effectiveness and how pleasant it is to the end user.

He lowers the cost of the development of great interactive products by:

  • Meeting users requirements.
  • Minimizing the risk of unexpected design flaws just before launching the product.

He increases the users’ safety.

On a daily basis, I can:

Develop an usability strategy aimed at improving your goals

Evaluate your design:

  • Expert reviews against ergonomic criteria
  • Usability testing
  • Accessibility

Create user centered interface:

  • Concepts models
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Field observation
  • Task analysis
  • Evaluation of the design (which is always part of the creation)

Discover users and organizational requirements:

  • ethnographic research
  • stakeholder interview
  • Field observation

Train your team on user-centered design methods.

Design layouts for complex systems such as control rooms.

Carry out a safety culture assessment of your organization.

I have worked in 6 different industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Fidelity Programs
  • Governmental (including Defense)
  • Health Care