Introduction à l’ergonomie – Talk at Drupal Lyon

December 16, 2011

Hier, j’ai eu l’opportunité d’introduire l’ergonomie à des développeurs et designers Drupal lors d’une réunion Drupal à Lyon. Le point principal de la présentation est de comprendre l’importance de bien connaître pour qui ils conçoivent. Ensuite, j’ai élaboré sur des techniques afin de collecter une mine d’or d’information sur ces utilisateurs. J’ai décidé de les impliquer [...]


Is It a Usable Packaging?

February 6, 2011

I love reading magazines, I was subscribed to Fast Company and Wired for several years before coming to NZ. Now, I still receive my UPA (Usability Professional Association) magazine here in NZ. As far as I remember, the UPA magazine has always been wrapped in a sealed plastic bag, which could be frustrating to open. (a [...]


Webstock Mini – Animated Talks

September 30, 2010

Do you know how to make your recorded talk, that you will broadcast on Youtube, easy to understand? I have seen a nice way to do it at the Webstock mini (Wellington, NZ). Daniel Button presented his TED talk (Yes, he came to show us a recorded talk…) but, instead of seeing him giving his [...]


Frank the Foreign Currency Trader vs Ted The Tourist – Great UX

September 22, 2010

I love seeing an application that caters for two personas like the iPhone app. Ted The Tourist lives in New Zealand but he is planning a trip to Australia, so he checks the currencies once a week until he buys Australian dollars before leaving.  What he needs to know is the value with a [...]


Flickr Group – Great User Experience

August 25, 2010

Hey, I just started a flickr group about Great user experience! While working in the usability field, we are often talking about bad and great user experience. I have found several Flickr groups about bad design/bad experience but I haven’t found one that lists great design/great user experience. So here is one.


How To Sell UX (User Experience)

August 8, 2010

Have you heard about Daniel Szuc? I had the chance to attend one of his recent talk, here in Wellington. Topic: Sell UX I simply loved his talk; I smiled several times We are all working in different organizational cultures and it’s important to know in which one you are working to better understand how [...]