Journée mondiale de l’utilisabilité – 2012 – Montréal

November 8, 2012

Un petit mémo pour vous mentionner que c’est aujourd’hui la Journée mondiale de l’utilisabilité (World Usability Day). Je suis de retour à Montréal, Canada et nous avons une belle soirée en perspective. Il y aura 3 conférenciers et un panel de discussion qui aborderont le thème de la finance et l’expérience utilisateur. Pour les infos, [...]


Wine glass AND screw cap

February 22, 2012

On my flight from Montréal (Canada) to Lyon (France), I had the opportunity of drinking a white wine with a special twist (In fact, it was the bottle that had a special twist…). The bottle has its own glass which is also the screw cap as shown below. My first though was ” Wow, brilliant [...]


Peeling Oranges…

January 6, 2012

I recently found this ad laying in my bookshelf across UX papers and books… I just love it How painful, it is, sometimes to peel oranges and other citruses? Would it be wonderful to get oranges like this one? It’s a Morae TechSmith ad, circa 2007.


Braille on Medicine’s Package = Accessibility

December 2, 2011

Using Braille on pharmaceutical packaging, what a great idea!!! Just try to figure out how to distinguish from one medicine to another when you have few of them in your bathroom and you can’t read what’s on the packaging. It must be troublesome. Since October 2010, all medicines sold in European Union countries must display [...]


Video of IDEO and the Shopping Cart

May 12, 2011

A really nice video showing the design company IDEO re inventing the shopping cart (the real one you use, or not, in supermarket) while using several different techniques such as interviews, contextual observations, prototyping, etc. It’s worthwhile to watch it. Thanks to Harry Brignull for sharing this video. I left NZ a month or so [...]


Is It a Usable Packaging?

February 6, 2011

I love reading magazines, I was subscribed to Fast Company and Wired for several years before coming to NZ. Now, I still receive my UPA (Usability Professional Association) magazine here in NZ. As far as I remember, the UPA magazine has always been wrapped in a sealed plastic bag, which could be frustrating to open. (a [...]